Fall-ing with the Florals

Hi Guys, I am back with another requested post : Maxi dress for Brunch. Yes, we can very well wear a Maxi Dress for brunch. In fact, now I cannot think of a better way to dress up for brunch especially in this Fall season. […]

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Summer In Autumn

Hi Everyone, This post is about styling shorts especially for those who have not so flat tummies, as requested by many of you. I know that it is autumn and the season of shorts is over. However, we are still feeling the summer heat and so, […]

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The pencil skirt affair

Hi Everyone. As Sunday comes to an end, so do our high spirits. No one wants this day to end because when it does, the most hateful day of the week starts. MONDAY. Monday means only one thing: getting back to the monotonous work schedule. We […]

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The Summer Style Affair

Hi Everyone… We all know it’s Summer. Though we are not really fond of the heat, there are two things which we love about summer. First mangoes and second Summer Fashion. Summer fashion is something that makes us eagerly wait for Summer during those cold […]

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