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This post is about styling shorts especially for those who have not so flat tummies, as requested by many of you. I know that it is autumn and the season of shorts is over. However, we are still feeling the summer heat and so, the shorts are gonna stay for some more time. Though, I hope that the winters arrive soon.

In this article I have styled this very cute scallop-hemmed high-waisted shorts in washed denim. Look at how cute the hem looks. Also, this color is a must-have in every wardrobe. So make sure to grab one in this color for yourself.

My very first tip to hide those love handles is to wear High-waisted shorts. It acts as a tummy tucker and even better. They flatter your figure just at right places like your hips and your butt. They cinch at the waist and makes it look smaller. So no more protruding bellies for you and just curvaceous figure. (Mine is not so high-waisted. You could go for higher)

Second tip is to wear a loosely hanging top or t-shirt. It won’t cling to your waist to accentuate those love handles. I have worn this striped tank top from Zara which is a size bigger for me. I love how it gives a casual feel. Also, there are embroidered flowers on it which give an autumn touch to this otherwise plain summery striped top. It was actually this detailing that made me buy this top even though it was not available in my size. And of course I loved the bright red color. Paired it with red sneakers for bright casual look.

If you do not want the top hanging too loosely, tuck it in. Either on one side.

Or in the centre.

Or you could just tuck it all in just like we did in our schools. Here, I have paired this with blue sneakers. You could even pair white or denim sneakers with this look.

If you are wearing high-waisted shorts, you are safe to wear a crop top over it. To convert any top into a crop top, just tie a knot. You could make it shorter by tying higher. This is one of the coolest ways to add glamour and style to any plain top.

If you want to tie the top but do not feel confident about showing your waist, here is a tip. Gather the bottom of the top at one end and pull it through the belt loop. You could tie a knot on the end or just loop it again so that the end is properly tucked. This way the top gives a knotted look but stays in place and covers your waist. I use this style all the time, especially at work where I cannot let my waist show.

Apart from the above tips, there are some more tips which could be applicable to all problem areas that you would like to hide. First tip is to flaunt your good areas. For example, if you have leans arms and slimmer upper body, show it off.

Another tip is to divert attention from the problem areas. Like here I have worn this beautiful bralette with an interesting lace back. Also, I have worn this cute little bow on my hair which not only goes with the autumn look but also attracts attention. Thus, diverting attention from the waist. Use interesting statement neck pieces or bralettes with strappy designs, to attract attention to your neck.

Even while choosing your clothes you could check out the designs and their location on the outfit.  Like on this top, the flowers are near the neck and away from the waist. It breaks the monotony and grabs attention. You could wear tops with interesting collars and necks.

I hope you liked these tips and found them useful. Do try them and let me know how they work for you. You could apply these tips even with jeans. If you would like to wear shorts in winter, you could add a jacket, a scarf, stockings and boots.

If you want more styling ideas for shorts, check out link belolw. There, I have also shared a tip to make your legs look thinner.

Gold Studded Affair


What I wore:

Tank Top – Zara

Denim Shorts – H&M

Red Sneakers – Victory Vty, Deichmann, UK

Blue Sneakers – No Doubt, Koovs

Bralette – Clovia


Picture Credits : Frames by Some (

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