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Many of you inquired about Toni&Guy and the Blogger’s Meet that I attended at their Koregaon Park branch. So here is a full review of the event and how my hair transformed from Jhaadu to Silky Shiny Mane.

I reached the salon quite late but was relieved to find that the salon remains open till 9 PM (Enough time for my pampering 😉 ) It is always good to find salons that are open till late because so many times, beauty emergencies crop up in the evening only.

Well, when I entered I could see that there was lot of staff there to attend to me. They were very hospitable and polite. I could see some of my fellow bloggers already getting pampered along with some other customers.

Rajesh then came to me, introduced himself and asked me whether I would like tea/coffee, etc. I really needed a Glass of water considering that I was running very late and thus, flustered. After that he gave me the Salon Menu.

They have a huge variety of services. I was flipping through their pages to make up my mind as to what should I go for. They have wide range of services for all your beauty needs from Facials, Spas, Mani-Pedis to Hair & Makeup Services. I narrowed down to Hair services after spending ages browsing through their menu. Now, I needed to decide which hair service to go for.

When I could not make up my mind, I told Rajesh and he directed me to Chetan. Chetan examined my hair and immediately realized that my hair had been treated too much. He told me that even though my hair were long and coarse, they were brittle. I informed him that I do not have hair fall issue. He then elaborated that my hair were strong from roots, but because of over-treating, they were breaking in between. He raised my hair and showed me. To my shock, half of my hair were broken in the middle of the length of my hair.

He then informed me of Olaplex treatment. It is a treatment which would gives strength to treated and damaged hair like mine. It was perfect for my hair. More about Olaplex treatment directly from the stylist, watch the below video.

What is Olaplex? The service I took atToni&Guy- Koregaon Park, Pune at Bloggers Meet organized by The Spaceship Design

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So, I went through Olaplex treatment which included hair wash, followed by application of Olaplex Bond Liquid to my hair and massage. It was left to soak in my hair. During that time, I took few selfies, chatted with my fellow bloggers, had some snacks and drinks arranged by Toni&Guy.

Did you like my Pink makeup though?

After this, it was time for another hair wash and application of more Olaplex products.

As they started drying my hair after the treatment, I started seeing the results. My hair had less flyaway and looked less brittle. Once the hair were totally dry, I was amazed by the sheen on my hair. I had not seen that in a long time.

I just could not stop touching my hair.

And this is not the first time that I visited Toni&Guy. Me and my friends can always trust them for any service and not just for hair. Being an International brand they are always aware of the latest trends. They would always suggest what is best for you, keeping in mind your needs. When I expressed my wish to color my hair again, he advised me not to, because my hair has a history of back to back harsh chemical treatments. However, he did give me very cool alternatives and explained how each of them worked. He answered my endless queries regarding hair care.

Olaplex treatment was a long one and he did not rush it at all. It was a very relaxing and much needed treatment for me and my hair. Toni&Guy has adequate staff and resources to attend to multiple customers at the same time.

If you are looking for a great place for your makeover or a place which you could put your trust in, go ahead and visit Toni&Guy. The best part is that they are giving a discount of 20% on your bill. All you have to do is check-in on your social media with a selfie at their salon and tag them.

Now that the festive and party season is around, I am sure you all need a makeover and look your best. I sure do and I am going to visit them again.


Toni&Guy, Koregaon Park, Pune

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