About Me

Hi! I’m Pranoti Kadam.

They say the world is your Runway and I believe it. And I believe that I am the model and I am the stylist.

From draping Mom’s saris in thousand ways to forcibly styling up my friends, it has always been about fashion. After all, it is the aspect of creating fashion every day that makes me get up and look forward to the day.

I believe there is so much more to fashion and style. It is a way of expression. It is a reflection of our personality and mood. One day, I may give Kim Kardashian vibes, while the other I am just a Girl Next Door. Every day is different and so is my style. I love variety and flamboyance.

Also, I loouuuve colors. I believe that when there are millions of colors in this universe, why to use a limited palette. I say, ‘Go bonkers. Exploit that palette’. I have even been named ‘Titli’ for this, but who cares when being ‘Titli’ is what makes me happy.

After inspiring and influencing many people around me, here I am with this blog to inspire you.


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